2022 Symposium

On Thursday, May 5, 2022, the CSU Action Research Program at Cleveland State University hosted its 9th annual CSU Action Research Symposium in a virtual format. The symposium featured K-12 practitioners’ action research projects and hosted over 100 participants. In addition, partnering with the Ohio Department of Education I-educate Ohio, five 2022 Teachers of the Year for Ohio's State Board Districts participated and presented their action research projects.

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The following are recordings from the virtual event. The opening and closing sections feature an introduction and summary, respectively, of the program and event highlights. Each breakout room features action researchers presenting their work and findings, followed by a Q&A.

opening remarks

9th Annual CSU Action Research Virtual Symposium

May 5, 2022

With special thanks to

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

CSU College of Education and Human Services

CSU Center for Urban Education


Please note the following designations for our action researchers:

*Ohio Teachers of the Year **Cleveland Area Teacher ***CSU Education Intern

Breakout room #1

Chair: Dr. Terri Purcell

Discussant: Dr. Anne Galletta

Project 1-1

Motivation and Meaningful Learning through Living History

Action Researcher: Joseph Foster *

Project 1-2

Diversifying the High School U.S. History Curriculum by Pairing Primary Historical and Literary Sources with a Class Textbook

Action Researcher: Kurt Russell *

Project 1-3

Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) POW + TREE in Gen Ed. Secondary ELA

Action Researcher: Emily Mocadlo ***

Breakout room #2

Discussant: Dr. Dinah Volk

Project 2-1

Seesaw and Family Engagement: Exploring Parents' Perceptions of SeeSaw's Benefits and its Promotion of family Engagement

Action Researcher: Faith DiCicco ***

Project 2-2

Investigating the Impacts of STEM/Hands-on Curriculum on Student Achievement and Retention in Science

Action Researcher: Jenn Stormer *

Project 2-3

Take Ten Boxing: Social Emotional Well-being

Action Researcher: Nancy Miller *

Project 2-4

What are the Factors Impacting Student Learning/Success with Online Writing?

Action Researcher: Ashley Onion **

Breakout Room #3

Chair: Dr. Brian Harper

Discussant: Dr. Paula Chan

Project 3-1

The Box Method of Note Taking in the Science Classroom

Action Researcher: Kara Vlach ***

Project 3-2

Multilingual Newcomers Learning Math: Solving Equations, a Two-Way Street

Action Researcher: Melissa Daley **

Project 3-3 (Absent)

Scientific Heuristic Writing Approach Action

Researcher: Carla Neely *

Breakout room #4

Chair: Dr. Selma Koc

Discussant: Dr. Karl Wheatley

Project 4-1

Effect of Guided Notetaking on Urban High School Students’ Scientific Learning

Action Researcher: Diana Ramirez Bergeron***

Project 4-2

Exploring Teacher Caring as a Learning Condition: A Pilot Study of PERTS Elevate in High School

Action Researcher: Charles Ellenbogen**

Project 4-3

Trends in School-Based YPAR Topics: An Examination of 5 Years of Student-Selected Research Topics

Action Researchers: Sarah Schwab**, Catelyn Cook**, Josiah Holt**, Robyn Williams**, Athan Sarantopoulos**, Emily Pohlman**

Project 4-4

The Effect of Science Vocabulary Methods on High School Science Student Assessment Scores

Action Researcher: Leah Binsack ***

Closing remarks